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Art & Art History
University of Mississippi

Prospective Students

Art and Art History Student Ambassadors.Meet our Student Ambassadors

We have student ambassadors for art and art history majors who have developed a profile of their experiences and created an Instagram account so that you can see the department “from the inside.”  We invite you to follow them and learn more about the student experience of our department. 

Academic Programs

When you enter the Department of Art and Art History, you are truly beginning a life immersed in the arts within a community dedicated to visual art.  We believe that every student with a love of art should have the opportunity to develop their skills and explore their talents as entering freshmen. We welcome anyone with a passion for learning more about studio art and art history.  

The BA degree has a deeper and wider general education foundation than the BFA degree. The BA degree provides flexibility for combining the study of art with a minor field of study. BA students can use their art electives to focus on the studio area of their choice. The BFA degree requires competitive entry after 6 art courses. BFA students then gain wider training across the studio areas, gain depth in their chosen emphasis area, build a professional portfolio, and hold a final thesis show.

Art Merit Scholarship

 Each year, the Department of Art & Art History offers Art Merit Scholarships for both art history and art majors, for which all high school seniors and incoming transfer students may apply. The scholarship is competitive and will be judged through a blind jury process consisting of faculty members in the Department of Art & Art History.

  • Up to $3,000 in scholarships are awarded annually.
  • Out-of-state students are eligible for a partial out-of-state tuition waiver.

Each year the department holds sessions to assist students in preparing their art portfolio or writing sample for application to our Art Merit competition in the winter.

Visit Us

This fall the UM Office of Admissions has weekday visits to campus using health officials’ guidance of how many can gather together. You can sign up on the Admissions webpage for the information session and campus tour.

The Department of Art & Art History can send out information about our programs, schedule limited in person visits, and arrange phone calls or Zoom meetings. Please complete the following short form below to find out more about our department.