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Art & Art History

University of Mississippi

Visiting Artists & Art Historians

The list below shows various speakers who have visited our department over the years.

In addition to the many artists we invite to campus through our student organizations we also have an established visiting artist program called Art Talks. This program creates access to artists via webcam and in-person lectures, and it provides students access to keep pace with critical thought, contemporary artistic practice, and emerging technology used in cultural production today.

Jaime Aelavanthara

John Alexander

Jere Allen

Michael Barnes

Tom Bartel

Gary Baseman

Tami Beldue

Jason Bouldin

Conner Burns

Dr. Edward (Eddie) Chambers

Sam Chung

Greg Crowe, Australia

Austin Dunbar

William Dunlap

Chris Fritton (the Itinerant Printer)

Hershell George

Chris Gray

Kathryn Hunter

Aaron Hussey

Valerie Jaudon

David Jewell

Jeff Johnston

Richard Lou

Cole Lu

Anne Massone

Robert Boomer Moore

Joe Morzuch

Laura Mullen

Erin Rasberry Napier (HGTV)

Sara Panzarella

Yvonne Petkus

Jim Ramer

Jeremy Randall

Brian Rego

Cheyenne Chapman Rudolph

Nigel Rudolph