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Art & Art History
University of Mississippi

Welcome Prospective Students

Students look at photographs hung on a wall.Welcome Prospective Students!

To be a studio artist, you will need

  • a strong foundation in techniques, processes, and critical thought
  • an environment that supports creativity and learning
  • mentors, role models, & friends
  • well-equipped studios

To be an art historian, you will need to

  • examine works of art in their historical, social, and political contexts,
  • conduct research,
  • discern the ideas conveyed by art,
  • learn the basic methods and techniques used to produce visual art.

This is exactly what the Department of Art and Art History at the University of Mississippi provides.

Our faculty are all working artists and art historians who have achieved success and distinction in their careers. They invest in every student, guiding and instructing them in small classes with individualized attention.

When you enter the Department of Art and Art History, you are truly beginning a life immersed in a community dedicated to visual art. We believe that every student with a love of art should have the opportunity to develop their skills and explore their talents. We welcome anyone with this passion to learn more about our three undergraduate degrees in studio art and art history.  

Welcome to our community!