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Rosa Salas

Rosa Salas, Student Ambassador for the Department of Art and Art History
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Rosa Salas

Rosa’s passion is ceramics. She has gained recognition for her work in several regional competitions. When not at her potter’s wheel, she works at the UM Museum, sharing her knowledge of art and art history with visitors there.

Student Profile

Why did you decide to major in art?
I always loved art but I never had a chance to have a proper art education until I came to college.I decided to major in art because I went to a science high school, and I was never able to use that visually creative side of me in an academic setting. I’m studying for a BFA and specializing in ceramics.

What attracted you to the University of Mississippi?
The art department is a small and close community where you get to build relationships with professional artists who are also teachers. You get to know other art students who are developing in the same or different art mediums, and there are a lot of visiting artists who come to UM, and you get to know them, too. There are also a lot of opportunities to show your work. You can submit work to the Mississippi Collegiate Art Competition, and there are a lot of art shows in the Oxford Area throughout the year.

Have you done any internships or other activities related to art?
I’ve been an education intern at the UM Museum for the past two years.

What are your career plans?
I’d like to work as a curator or educator at a museum while I continue working on my own artistic career.

Activities outside the classroom?
I go with my classmates to cities and go to different art receptions where we meet awesome artists. My favorite trip was when we went to Pittsburgh for the NCECA Conference and we met professional artists, ate amazing food, and went to different art galleries and demonstrations.

What’s your go-to restaurant in Oxford?
My fave Oxford meal is the fabulous and delicious chorizo taco from the Taco Shop.

What are you binge watching?
I’m obsessed with anime and Broad City.

Eli Morgan

Elijah Morgan, Student Ambassador for the Department of Art and Art History
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Elijah Morgan

A double major in graphic design and English, Eli is also a cartoonist for the Daily Mississippian. He’s received many awards including the Dorothy A. Halliday Scholarship, given by the department of English, and the Phi Theta Kappa Academic Excellence Scholarship. He’s currently a member of the Golden Key Honor Society and the Dean’s List Society.


Student Profile

Why did you decide to major in graphic design and English?
I’ve always had an interest in both fields. Language and visual art can coincide in unique ways that are creatively fulfilling.

What are your career plans?
Ultimately, I want to become an educator at the primary or secondary level, but I’m also open to the field of book publishing and design. That’s the focus of my graduate design thesis, and this could be a great culmination of my two degrees.

Why did you decide to attend UM?
I grew up locally, so I’ve always been very familiar with the area and its culture. to me, the University and Oxford as a city have always felt like home. I love Oxford for its charm and hometown feel. It has a spectacular artistic and literary heritage. And UM has remarkable educational facilities. I felt there was no better place to enter higher education.

What’s your go-to meal in Oxford?
One of my favorites is the Lost Pizza Company. I like their eclectic atmosphere and the balcony seating makes for a great, relaxin place where my friends and I love to hang out.

What are you binge watching?
History Channel’s Vikings. It has everything you could ask for: surprisingly healthy family dynamics, medieval love triangles, relatively historically accurate action sequences, and killer hairstyles.