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Art & Art History
University of Mississippi

Current & Upcoming Exhibitions

January 18–February 19
Graduate Exhibition
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Anna Hite
Adriane Honerbrink
Christopher Latil
Madaline McMahan

Daniel Ney
Margaret Perez
Ashley Smith

March 15–26
Faculty Exhibition
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Brooke P. Alexander
Tyler Barnes
Josh Brinlee
Lauren Cardenas
Kariann Fuqua
Virginia Rougon Chavis
Matt Long
Tina Fish Lutz

Robert Malone
Andrew McIntyre
Christen Parker
Dason Pettit
Stacey Rathert
Durant Thompson
Seth Thibodaux

April 5–9
BFA Thesis Exhibition
Click here to view the BFA Thesis Exhibition that was installed in Gallery 130.

Maggie Bolinger (Graphic Design)
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Kaitlyn Brewer (Graphic Design)
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Jake Brown (Painting)
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Taylor Cash (Graphic Design)
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Zach Feilds (Printmaking)
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Nakiyah Jordan (Painting)
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Trinh Nguyen (Painting)
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Charlesa Peters (Imaging Arts)
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April 12–16
MFA Thesis Exhibition: Intertwined
Kelly Adkins (Painting)
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April 19–23
MFA Thesis Exhibition: Thanatophobia
Jessica Counterman (Painting)
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For more information or if you require assistance relating to a disability, please call the Department of Art & Art History at (662) 915-7193 for any questions.
Dates & times are subject to change

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