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Art & Art History
University of Mississippi


Artists need community and an environment that supports creativity and learning. They need mentors, friends, well-equipped studios, and opportunities to showcase original work. They need role models of professional visual artists. And they need a strong foundation in techniques, processes, and principles of making art.

This is exactly what the Department of Art and Art History at the University of Mississippi provides.

Students work individually and in groups to learn and refine their technical skills in a variety of studio arts, including ceramics, graphic design, painting, printmaking & imaging arts, and sculpture.

Art historians examine works of art in their historical, social and political contexts, conduct research, and discern the ideas conveyed by art. They study principal artists and art movements, past and present, in Western and non-Western cultures. They learn the methods and techniques used to produce visual art.

Interim Chair & Professor of Theatre and Film

Interim Chair & Professor of Theatre and Film

And this is also what the department provides.

Our faculty are all working artists and art historians who have achieved success and distinction in their careers. They invest in every member of our community, guiding and instructing them in small classes with individualized attention. 

Whether a student is refining brushwork or writing about the Baroque style, the Department of Art and Art History is a creative home that nurtures students and challenges them to excel in their pursuits.

Our graduates bring the skill of visual and critical thinking to a variety of careers as artists, educators, museum curators, architects, and many other fields. They’ve gone on to graduate programs not only in art but also in law, medicine, and business. No matter what path they choose, our graduates’ lives are enriched by the study of art and art history in the studio, the classroom, and beyond.

Welcome to our community.

The UM Department of Art and Art History is an accredited member of the National Association of Schools of Art and Design.