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Art & Art History
University of Mississippi

MFA in Studio Art


Areas of Study in the Master of Fine Arts in Studio Art Program:

The Master of Fine Arts (MFA) in Studio Art is a terminal degree that prepares students to teach at the college level and work as a professional artist.  The MFA is a three-year 60 credit hour program. During the three years, graduate candidates will take courses in their major areas as well as other required and elective courses. Students also will have the opportunity to teach, work in the gallery, and hold various graduate assistant positions. Their third year is dedicated to the creation of an MFA thesis exhibition.

The Department of Art & Art History at The University of Mississippi is committed to preparing graduate students to excel in creative production, research, education, and service in the visual arts. Applicants to this program should have strong motivation to pursue their discipline in depth and demonstrate the creative energy and imagination that can be recognized, supported, and assisted by specialized faculty.

A prospective graduate student may choose from four areas of study; ceramics, painting, printmaking, and sculpture.

Graduate Assistantship

Some graduate students are eligible to receive assistantships through the Department of Art & Art History. These assistantships can include the following:

In-state tuition
Partial tuition waiver
Teaching stipend

For more information on scholarships offered by the Graduate School, click here!

Degree Checklists:

MFA in Studio Art Checklist 2023-2024
MFA in Studio Art Checklist 2022–2023
MFA in Studio Art Checklist 2021–2022
MFA in Studio Art Checklist 2020–2021
MFA in Studio Art Checklist 2019–2020
MFA in Studio Art Checklist 2018–2019