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Art & Art History

University of Mississippi


Q&A with BA Art History student Grace Moorman

What made you switch over to study art history? Dr. Arizzoli’s class was kind of that survey entrance into art history. Plus, she is so sweet and so wonderful. I’ve always loved art and museums but I didn’t realize you could study the history of art. So, I switched after taking that class and realizing […]

Q&A with MFA Sculpture student Ian Skinner

What made you pick sculpture as your concentration? I started in high school as an AP ceramics student and honors photography because I’m really dyslexic, but I grew up fixing things and working with my hands. I started in ceramics and when I graduated high school, I wanted to get welding certified because I had […]

Q&A with MFA Ceramics student William McComb

Could you talk about your process in creating a piece? Most of my work is made on the potter’s wheel. Wet clay just turned into some kind of shape.  Then there are subtle alterations that happen on the wheel. I’m using a relatively coarse clay body so that any marks that I make in the […]

Q&A with MFA Student Gabrielle Dinger

Are there any artists that influence your work? I look at a lot of work by Tracey Deep and Eve Hesse for example. Louise Bourgeois, of course, Marisol, and even Swoon. Really just anyone who has been implemental in influencing that change in how we view material. Durant Thompson has been really influential too, especially […]

Q&A with BFA Ceramics student Bailey Pillow

What made you pick the area of concertation you’re currently studying? I had asked my intermediate professor at Wichita State University, Brenda Lichman, how her and her husband were able to dedicate their lives to ceramics, despite the uncertainty of pursuing an art career. Brenda gave me advice that her professor once gave her – […]

Q&A with BA Art History student Maddie McHugh

Introduce yourself. What is your name and where are you from? My name is Maddie McHugh, I will be graduating in May 2020 with a degree in art history. I am from Cornelius, NC which is about thirty minutes north of Charlotte. What attracted you to the University of Mississippi Department of Art & Art […]

Q&A with BFA Graphic Design student Wyatt West

I’ve seen your paintings, was a BFA in painting an option? I have hobbies and I enjoy painting and the fine arts, but graphic design was more for me. What type of artist do you consider yourself? I’m more of a branding, web, and UI/UX designer. Who or what type of work influences you? Specific […]

Q&A with BFA Sculpture student Cecelia Moseley

Could you talk about your BFA Thesis? Dyslexia changes the way millions of people read and process information that can then shape self-image and confidence. For me, language and expressing myself through writing has always been a struggle. In my work, I try to express these traits in new ways by showing a language that […]

Q&A with BFA Painting student Ramsay Stayer

What type of artist do you consider yourself? An absorbent, abstract artist. I take in what is happening around me and turn it into something abstract on a surface. What made you pick the area of concertation you’re currently studying? Both my mom and my Mimi are painters, so I grew up with paintings covering […]

Q&A with BFA Graphic Design student Anna Breland

What type of artist do you consider yourself? One of the things I love about design is that there are so many different ways you can express it. So, I think of myself as an artist, illustrator, painter, photographer, hand letterer, printmaker, and more. But I’m a graphic designer first and everything else falls under […]