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Art & Art History
University of Mississippi


Q&A with Travis Rogers (BFA Graphic Design)

Which artists do you look to for inspiration? Salvador Dali and Ben Goossens. Which professors inspired you the most? Brooke Alexander, Bryce Heesacker, Tyler Barnes, and Darren Sanefski. What has been your favorite class during your years here? Motion Graphics with Darren Sanefski. Could you describe a favorite memory here in the department? Scrambling to […]

Q&A with Lauren Taylor (BFA Graphic Design)

What type of artwork do you create? My emphasis is graphic design, so that’s the main medium, but being in the BFA program for the past couple of years has allowed me to go outside of my comfort zone and explore different ways of creating. No matter what medium I’m creating in, my style is […]

Q&A with Brianne Powers (BFA Ceramics)

Which professors inspired you the most? Of course, my area head, Matt Long, has inspired me the most. He has really opened my eyes to seeing clay in a different way and he has really impacted my thought process when making work. Before I wouldn’t even try certain things out of fear of failure. I […]

Q&A with Anna Stone (BFA Painting)

Could you explain your process? I use an indirect method of painting, utilizing thin layers of color to create an unusual interaction with the colors as they overlap. Which artists do you look to for inspiration? I take influence from the work of artists such as Therese Boisclair, Gerhard Richter, Chicago Imagist Ed Paschke, and […]

Photo of Abigail Babaz

Q&A with Abigail Babaz (BFA Painting)

Could you explain your process? I mostly occupy a direct painting method with some indirect methods. I spend most of my time mixing color and then slowly bring the painting to life with several layers from multiple sittings for each painting. Which artists do you look to for inspiration? Giorgio Morandi, Wayne Thiebaud, Martha Alf, […]

Q&A with Lindsay Martin (BFA Graphic Design)

Could you explain your process? My process is not extremely methodical. Music has always been an important aspect for me as an artist because it helps me find inspiration for my work and continues to inspire me as I work on a current project. I often start a project by brainstorming some ideas, then I […]

Q&A with Sadie Smith (BFA Graphic Design)

Which professors inspired you the most? Tyler Barnes and Phillip Jackson are big inspirations to me personally. Tyler does fantastic graphic design work that is inspiring to look at and the way he breaks down his work process is very helpful to me. Jackson is a wonderful painter and teacher who will help you grow […]

Q&A with Audrey Macia (BFA Graphic Design)

Did you know you wanted to come here for art? I was undecided at first, and then my parents actually pushed me towards the art program. They understood that I had a more creative side and he thought I would thrive doing graphic design. They knew Ole Miss had a pretty good graphic design program […]

Q&A with Sarah Katherine Glass (BFA Graphic Design)

What type of artwork do you create? I’m a graphic designer and primarily I like to work with packaging. I took Tyler’s packaging class last fall and had such a blast with it. I loved learning how to extend a brand into their own packaging and further ways of making a design, logo, or anything, […]

Q&A with Alex Long (BFA Imaging Arts & Printmaking)

What made you get into printmaking? I still vividly remember the first time I made a lithographic print. I was so excited the first time I saw one of my photographs printed as a lithograph. I hadn’t previously been aware of what the possibilities were for my images. I started playing around with alternative processes […]