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Art & Art History
University of Mississippi

Q&A with Liv Wuertz (BFA Graphic Design)

Cool Beans
March 25-28th, 2024

Closing Reception
When: Wednesday, March 27rd, 2024, 4:30–6:00 PM
Where: Gallery 130, Meek Hall

Introduce yourself and tell us where you are from.
Hi! My name is Liv Wuertz and I am from St. Louis, Missouri.

What attracted you to the Department of Art & Art History?
My senior year of high school, I toured the Department of Art and Art History and was instantly drawn in by the inclusivity and sense of community by students and faculty in Meek Hall.

What type of artwork do you create and can you discuss your process?
As a graphic designer most of my work is digital. Some of my favorite things to create include logo design, identity design, and packaging design. My process always starts with research, but after that I do lots of experimentation. Coming up with different solutions is important in order to come up with the best design for the project without falling in love with my first idea.

Which artists do you look to for inspiration?
Jessica Hische is a graphic designer that I love to look to for inspiration. She is known for her hand-lettering which is something I also enjoy. Not to mention, Jessica Hische created her own success through a passion project, the Daily Drop Cap, which is incredibly inspiring.

Which professors inspired you the most?
Two professors that helped shape me into the artist I am today are Tyler Barnes and Brooke Alexander. Professor Barnes paved the way for me to understand all the aspects of design and helped me find my style when in the design space. Professor Alexander really helped me find my confidence in my work and constantly reminded me the reasons I love being an artist. Both Professor Barnes and Professor Alexander continuously encouraged and pushed me to create the work that I am proud of and challenge me. Their words of wisdom and advice they have given me throughout the four years I’ve been at Meek Hall inspired me tremendously and will stay with me even after graduation.

What has been your favorite class during your years here?
My favorite class during my years at Meek Hall would have to be packaging design. Packaging design gave me a glimpse of designing in the round instead of flat. Taking that class helped me decide that packaging design is something that I wanted to do in my future career.

Do you have a favorite memory here in the department?
Although I have so many fond memories in the Art Department, one of my favorite memories was taking the Plein Air class during the summer intersession of 2023 with Phillip Jackson. This class allowed me to become close friends with my classmates as we went around Oxford painting all day, everyday, for two weeks. The Plein Air class also allowed me to show my work in a gallery for the first time which was an amazing experience.

Do you have any advice for incoming art students?
Making art can be challenging, and not every piece will turn out the way you want it to. Don’t get discouraged by setbacks or failures, use them as learning opportunities!

Do you have any hobbies outside of the art department?
Spending time with my dog Decker is one of my favorite things to do when I am not at the Art Department. We love to go on walks, hikes, and road trips together. I rarely leave the house without her!

What is your favorite thing about Oxford or the University?
Coming from a city five and a half hours away, Oxford’s southern hospitality allowed me to have an easy transition being so far from home. Oxford has a charm about it that makes it such a warm and welcoming place. It will always hold a special place in my heart.

Can we find you on social media?
You can find me on Instagram @owuertz or

Do you have any plans after graduation?
My plans after graduation is to work at a graphic design firm, most likely somewhere in St. Louis.