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Art & Art History
University of Mississippi

Q&A with Angel Morgan (BFA Imaging Arts)

Skin to Skin 
April 1-5, 2024

Closing Reception
When: Wednesday, April 4th, 2024, 4:30–6:30 PM
Where: Gallery 130, Meek Hall

Introduce yourself and tell us where you are from.
Hi, my name is Angel Morgan, and I’m from Southaven, MS.

What attracted you to the Department of Art & Art History?
When I was deciding to join the department, I was drawn to Meek’s welcoming community and support for interdisciplinary art.

What type of artwork do you create and can you discuss your process?
I work with alternative photographic processes to create experimental cyanotype, chemigram, and lumen prints. Each process allows me to experiment with different surface treatments and responses to environmental elements, such as sunlight, water, and plants.

Which artists do you look to for inspiration?
In creating my thesis body of work, I have been inspired by the installation work of Stephanie Syjuco and Kara Walker.

Which professors inspired you the most?
I have experienced amazing support from professors in both printmaking and imaging arts. I took my first printmaking class with Anna Hite, and her work and presence within the graduate printmaking program really inspired me as I was interviewing for the BFA track. My current mentor, Professor Brooke White, has also helped me realize my potential within the intersection of printmaking and imaging arts, and I would not have been able to pursue the Stamps Impact Prize without her guidance and support.

What has been your favorite class during your years here?
My favorite class was Plein Air painting with Philip Jackson. Although it was outside of my emphasis, I really enjoy creating artwork that responds to different natural environments.

Do you have a favorite memory here in the department?
My favorite memories have been working the printmaking booths at Double Decker and Pride on the Plaza. It brings me so much joy to see support for artists within our department and community engagement with printmaking processes.

Do you have any advice for incoming art students?
Whether it is the value of your artwork or the value of your voice, always know your worth!

Do you have any hobbies outside of the art department?
I have a deep love for gardening, puzzle-solving, and cooking.

What is your favorite thing about Oxford or the University?
My favorite thing about the Oxford area is its network of creative small businesses and farmers’ markets!

Can we find you on social media?
You can find me on Instagram @angel.morgan or @miss.shutterbug.

Do you have any plans after graduation?
After graduation, I will continue work at a local flower farm, shifting my focus to creative opportunities at the intersection of art and horticulture.