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Art & Art History
University of Mississippi

Student Organizations

The Clicks
The Clicks is a student-run organization formed by Imaging Arts majors and led by Professor Brooke White. Students participate in workshops, lectures, museum trips and group photo shoots. Our goal is to promote and support the photographic community within the Imaging Arts program. For more information contact Brooke White at 

GRID (Getting Rebels Into Design)
GRID recognizes that students represent tomorrow’s design professionals and the future of visual communication as a whole. GRID’s goal is to promote interest in the field of graphic design outside of the classroom by encouraging active involvement through on-campus programming and events within the University of Mississippi as well as in the local design community here in Oxford. Through sponsored activities and events, we aim to gain valuable industry experience and knowledge that bridges the gap between student life and professional practice cultivating future leaders in the design industry. For more information contact Associate Professor Tyler Barnes.

Kappa Pi, Epsilon Psi chapter
Art and art history majors at The University of Mississippi may become members of the Kappa Pi International Art Honor Society, which was founded in 1911 at the University of Kentucky, if they meet certain academic requirements. Every year, the group holds an induction ceremony for new members. For more information, contact Associate Professor Tyler Barnes

Mud Daubers
The Mud Daubers are a group of advanced student ceramicists led by Professor Matt Long. They participate in various events including the Double Decker Arts Festival, the Empty Bowls project, and Ole Miss Alumni projects throughout the year, and they also host fall and spring sales of students’ ceramics on campus. The Mud Daubers bring many national and international visiting artists to our department. For more information, call (662)915-5860.

The Print Rebellion
The Print Rebellion is a group of advanced student printmakers. They participate in various events including the Double Decker Arts Festival, the Oxford Art Crawl, and the Southern Graphics annual conference. The organization sponsors community-based print projects throughout the year where the students sell their work. The Print Rebellion brings many national and international print artists to our campus for demonstrations and lectures. For more information, call the Department of Art & Art History at (662) 915-7193.

The Sculpture Society
The Sculpture Society is an organization of advanced sculpture students and is led by Professor Durant Thompson. The group meets once a month to promote awareness of sculptural exhibitions and events, employment opportunities, and educational options. Meetings involve planning field trips to museums and conferences. Society members choose visiting artists to invite to UM for workshops including presentations and talks about their work and techniques. The society holds its own metal casting event at least once a year and invites the community to donate materials and participate in casting activities. For more information, call (662) 915-5828.

Student Art Association
The Student Art Association, SAA, is a collective of undergraduate and graduate student artists led by a faculty advisor. SAA participates in sales and events throughout the year. It hosts an annual Holiday Art Sale of student work. SAA also organizes trips to various art-centers including New York City and Chicago. All students are welcome to participate. For information contact the Department of Art & Art History at (662) 915-7193.

Vasari Society
The Vasari Society promotes the study of art history and is dedicated to providing students of all majors the opportunity to learn about the art world. The group is named after the Renaissance-era artist and writer, Giorgio Vasari, who is considered the “grandfather” of art history. The Society promotes the professional development of students interested in further education in art history as well as careers in museums and arts-related organizations by inviting external arts professionals to our campus for scholarly talks and informational sessions. Members gather informally at local exhibitions, such as at Southside and the Powerhouse, and sponsor “movie nights,” when films pertinent to art history are shown. These activities build a sense of community among our students and provide opportunities to become involved in the local arts scene. Students also benefit from behind-the-scenes tours of the University Museum by staff members and organize excursions to museums in Memphis and regional arts destinations. For information, contact Professor of Art History, Dr. Nancy Wicker at (662) 915-7193.