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Art & Art History
University of Mississippi

Wes Rankin

Wes Rankin is a sculptor originally from Lexington, Kentucky.  She lives with her husband Byron, and two cats: Arya and Pippin.  Her primary sculpture mediums include cast iron, forged steel, and fiber arts, amongst many others.  Her work is influenced by her mixed cultural backgrounds, with a previous focus on the culture of death in […]

Ellis Barber

Ellis Barber is a Sculptor from Waco, Texas. Graduating with a BFA with a concentration in sculpture from Baylor University in 2023, he always preferred creating sculpture and three-dimensional work. Ellis is most invested in depicting the figure in his sculptures, cementing them in space as physical beings. Using traditional materials and techniques, he is […]

Kaleena Stasiak

Kaleena Stasiak is an interdisciplinary artist who uses an assortment of haptic media to explore collective mythmaking, and its relevance to the present day. Digging through a lexicon of symbols and imagery evoking American colonial times, folk art, and quilts, she reframes the dominant ideologies surrounding early history and domestic labor. Her graphic cyphers denote the […]

Lance Yates

Lance Yates, also known under the pseudonym and social media handle D.G. Devil or @dadgumdevil works as an interdisciplinary artist in a wide variety of digital and traditional 2D media. They received their M.F.A. in 2D Studies from Bowling Green State University in 2021, and their B.F.A. in Studio Art from the University of Mississippi […]

Jenna Schmidt

Jenna Schmidt is a central Ohio native who currently is a first-year graduate candidate at the University of Mississippi.  She makes wheel-thrown pottery that is then fired in an atmospheric kiln.  After the completion of her BFA in ceramics at Ohio University in 2020, Jenna attended a residency at the Red Lodge Clay Center and […]

Ray Brown

Ray Brown was born in Houston, Texas, and received his BFA with Honors from the Sally McDonnell Barksdale Honors College at the University of Mississippi. He continued to receive an MFA in Ceramics at West Virginia University. He specializes in utilitarian pottery and design.

Breanna Bercegeay

Breanna Bercegeay is a concept-based artist from Louisiana and graduated with her Bachelor’s Degree in Visual Arts + Design with a Concentration in Sculpture from Southeastern Louisiana University. She currently resides in Oxford, Mississippi working toward her Master of Fine Arts. Her artwork tends to gravitate towards creating a conversation between herself and the viewers. […]

Thomas Coon

Internationally known for his realistic renderings touched with an old master’s eye, Thomas J. Coon is a visual fine artist, specializing in equine & canine portraiture. Originally from the foothills of the Adirondacks, Thomas began garnering notice for his paintings when he relocated to Virginia, Horse Country. For the next 20 years, his Virginia equestrian […]

Somayeh Faal

I was born and grown in the Middle East. I have many stories, and I put my foot beyond the boundaries to prove all the impossibilities are possible. I usually interpret my stories in my paintings and artworks. In my first and second series, I survey women’s obstacles in my society. In my recent artworks, […]

Michael Barnett

Michael Barnett is the Interim Chair of the Department of Art & Art History, Chair & Professor of Lighting Design in the Department of Theatre & Film at the University of Mississippi where he heads the BFA Lighting Design Program. He is currently serving as the Past Chair of the Faculty Senate after serving as […]