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Art & Art History
University of Mississippi

Jaime Erin Aelavanthara

Jaime is a fine art photographer and educator based in Florida. Her photographic work explores themes of the human condition and our interconnectedness with nature. She has actively exhibited nationally and internationally in venues such as the Mississippi Museum of Art, SEITES Gallery, Canada, and the Ogden Museum of Southern Art. Her work has been […]

Adriane Honerbrink

Christen Parker

Christen Parker is from Monroe, Louisiana where she received her BFA in painting and graphic design from the University of Louisiana Monroe in 2013. Following her undergraduate degree, she became interested in translating her work into three-dimensional pieces. She received her MFA in Sculpture at the University of Mississippi in 2019.  While she has worked […]

Portrait of Jerike Broussard in a white hat with feathers attached in the shape of butterflies

Jerika Broussard

Current Occupation: Full-time artist Artist Statement My art is an attempt to birth blessings into the world through each creation. Archetypal images such as the “Serpent” or use of relics represent some of the darker aspects of life and human suffering. However, I turn these images from suffering to beauty in an attempt to tame […]

Bech Evans

Visit Bech Evans’s website to learn more about him.

John Cummings

Visit John Cummings’s Facebook page for more of his works.

Mike Cinelli

Visit Mike Cinelli’s website for more information about his works.

Portrait picture of Caroline Boykin

Caroline Boykin

Visit her website for more information about Caroline Boykin.

headshot of Oscar Pope

Oscar Pope

Content Marketing Coordinator of the NBA, TNT and NBA TV Hometown: Terry, MS BA in Art, Journalism (2010) The following story was written by Bethany Fitts for the UM Alumni Association, October 2018.    Oscar Pope always wanted to create meaningful content that both defines culture and connects people. “I don’t know where [that passion] […]

Erin Napier

Erin Napier

When Erin and Ben Napier aren’t restoring historic homes on HGTV’s hit series Home Town, the couple keeps busy operating a shop that sells heirloom wares and durable goods made in the USA. On the program, the couple helps new residents find and renovate homes in Laurel while showing them the benefits of living in […]