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BA Studio Art

The University of Mississippi’s Department of Art & Art History offers a Bachelor of Arts in Art and a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Art with emphases in ceramic, graphic design, imaging arts, painting, printmaking, and sculpture. there is competitive entry to the BFA degree after 6 art courses.

The BA degree in studio art introduces students to all the various concentrations of studio art. It is a broad degree based on a education focusing on studio art and art history as well as the liberal arts.


Visualize the world around you to create contemporary and conceptual works of art. The BA degree provides flexibility for combing the study of art with a minor field of study. BFA students gain wider training across the studio areas, build a professional portfolio, and hold a final thesis show. 

Courses You’ll Take

BA students complete 11 art courses and 3 art history courses.

• 2-D Design, Color Theory, 3-D Design
• Drawing I and II
• Digital Imaging
• 5 advanced art electives

BFA students complete 22 art courses and 5 art history courses.

• 2-D Design, Color Theory, 3-D Design
• Drawing I , II, and Figure Drawing
• Digital, Photo, or Vector Imaging
• 5 intro courses across the studio areas
• 5 advanced courses across the studio areas
• 5 advanced art electives (4 in the same studio area)


Art majors are creative thinkers who develop the fundamentals of design, learn how to promote their art, and become adept at new technologies within the field. They can analyze visual materials and communicate conceptual ideas – all skills that are highly desirable to employers. 

Access to a Network of Alumni 
You’ll have access to a strong alumni network, many of whom become leaders in their organization.
Our art alumni find careers in all major economic sectors. the most common are: Arts|Culture|Media, Business|Finance, STEM, K-12, Higher Ed, and Hospitality|Personal Care. 

Alumni Examples

Designer/Host, HGTV’s Home Town

Creative Consultant, Estee Lauder

Graphic Designer, Walt Disney World

Art Director, Marriott International

Exec. Art Director, Simon & Schuster

Marketing Specialist, Turner Broadcasting

Dir. of Philanthropy, Heifer International

Professor of Ceramics, Univ. of Utah

Webmaster, Oxford School District

Scenic Artist, Denver Center Theatre

Technical Artist, Los Alamos Natl Labs

Game Developer, Mind Level Up

Creative Director, CNN

Appraisal services, Antiques Roadshow

Collections Assistant, Burke Museum

Staff, Chicago Art Institute

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