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Art & Art History
University of Mississippi

Author Archive

Valerie Guinn Polgar

 Adjunct Instructor
 Imaging Arts/Graphic Design

Bokyung Kim photo

Dr. Bokyung Kim

 Adjunct Assistant Professor
 Art History

Tyler Barnes

 Assistant Professor of Art
 Graphic Design

Olivia Whittington

Olivia Whittington


Andrew McIntyre

 Instructor/Ceramic Technician

Tina Lutz

 Art Education/Foundations

Sherry Donaldson

Sherry Donaldson

 Adjunct Instructor
 Art Education

2015 Exhibitions

Spring 2015 Cliff Tresner: Notes from the Road January 19 – February 26 Reception: February 26 (view images) BFA Thesis Exhibition: Billmeyer, Leavitt, & Redd March 16 – March 20 Reception: March 29 (view images) (view video) BFA Thesis Exhibition: Priewe, Young, & Whitehurst March 23 – March 27 Reception: March 26 (view images) (view video) MFA Thesis Exhibition: Terry […]

Stacey Rathert

Stacey Rathert

 Adjunct Instructor
 Sculpture, Foundations

Computer Recommendations

The University of Mississippi Art Department Graphic Design Computer Recommendations Created: 5/27/15 Overview: Graphic Design I students are required to have a Macintosh laptop with pertinent software (usually second semester sophomore year or first semester junior year). This takes into account they will have had the foundations courses, including ART 101, ART 111, and ART […]