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Computer Recommendations

The University of Mississippi Art Department
Graphic Design Computer Recommendations
Created: 5/27/15

Graphic Design I students are required to have a Macintosh laptop with pertinent software (usually second semester sophomore year or first semester junior year). This takes into account they will have had the foundations courses, including ART 101, ART 111, and ART 360 with an approval from the professor to continue. Therefore, the computer purchase is not a requirement for freshmen.

The computer recommendation for these students begins with the Apple MacBook (minimum required configuration. A higher-spec Apple laptop is, of course acceptable (such as the MacBook Pro). The Apple Macintosh is recommended because it is the industry standard (this does not mean that students may not use a different PC). The instructors will use Macs to teach courses and will be able to better assist those students with Mac computers.

Students can purchase their Macs directly from Apple with an educational discount.

Required Minimum Hardware:
• 13 inch MacBook (MacBook Pro will work if you can afford it)
• 4 GB RAM
• AppleCare Extended Warranty

Required Storage:
• USB Flash Drive (at least 8GB) (minimum requirement)
• Firewire / USB external hard drive: around $110.00. Search for the models that do not require a power supply but are powered by their data cord (firewire/USB).

Required Software:
Software is dependent upon the course, but most students will purchase a software package/bundle/suite that will contain adequate software for several courses. Adobe CS 6 Design Premium (Adobe Creative Suite) or Adobe Creative Cloud and other software can be purchased at a significant student discount through The University of Mississippi’s IT Helpdesk store: or at other software companies who offer student discounts such as or even try

Helpful Extras:
• Bring all manuals and original software disks, including operating-system disks, with the computer to campus. This is important. Put them in a safe place – NOT with your computer.
• Get a padded backpack or carrying case for a laptop. Choose one that does not display a computer company name.
• Buy a locking security cable for your laptop, and use it.
• Make sure your parents’ homeowner’s insurance covers a dependent’s electronics against theft or damage at college.
• Find a good surge protector with at least a six-foot cord and eight outlets.
• Bear in mind that many printers come without the necessary cables.
• Epson is the preferred brand for scanners and inkjet printers, as their products work very well with Mac OS X. Inkjet printers should be able to do 13×19 and full color. If you buy a color printer, order extra ink cartridges. Chances are you will run out of ink just before a project is due.
• Optional Equipment: Flat-bed scanner.

Digital Camera:
A Digital Camera with the best image resolution that is affordable would be a very helpful tool.