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University of Mississippi

Sculpture (New)

Sculpture encourages the creating, shaping, or combining of three-dimensional objects. Designs may be produced as freestanding objects (i.e., in the round), in relief, or in environments, and a variety of media may be used, including clay, wax, stone, metal, fabric, wood, plaster, rubber, and found objects. Materials may be carved, modeled, molded, cast, wrought, welded, sewn, or assembled and combined.

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Meet Cecilia Moseley (BFA in Art, emphasis in Sculpture ‘20) a metal fabrication artist.

“When I toured the art department as a high school senior, I knew I was supposed to go to Ole Miss. The art department is a community of people who push and support creativity and dreams. It is a home because of the people that make up the department and because of how much time I spend there.”


Meet the Faculty

The sculpture program is headed by Durant Thompson, Professor of Art and BFA Program Coordinator, co-founder of the Yokna Sculpture Trail, and recipient of a Mississippi Arts Commission Fellowship. He has been actively showing at exhibitions regionally, nationally, and internationally for the past two decades.  

Stacey Rathert, Visiting Assistant Professor of Art, serves on the steering committee of the National Conference on Contemporary Cast Iron Art and Practices and participates in regional, national, and international invitational iron pours. Stacey holds an MFA from the University of Mississippi. View her MFA Thesis Exhibition, “No Place Like Home.”

Seth Thibodaux, Instructor & Sculpture Technician, holds an MFA from the University of Mississippi. View his MFA Thesis Exhibition, “Leading Edge.”

Durant Thompson

Durant Thompson

Professor of Art
Meek 11 | 662-915-5828


Stacey Rathert

Stacey Rathert

Visiting Assistant Professor
Sculpture, Foundations
Meek 145


Seth Thibodaux

Seth Thibodaux

Instructor & Technician
Meek 16A