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Art & Art History
University of Mississippi

Courses: Ceramics

  • Art 340: Beginning Ceramics
    An introduction to clay through constructive techniques, emphasizing three-dimensional form and design.
  • Art 341: Pottery
    Exploration of the vessel form, using the potter’s wheel as the primary construction technique.
  • Art 342: Handbuilding
    Exploration of the three-dimensional form, with clay and glazes the primary media.
  • Art 343: Intensive Wheel Throwing
    This intensive ceramics studio course will emphasize the skills of wheel throwing through repetition. Focus is placed on technique and concept.
  • Art 441: Advanced Ceramics
    Advanced study of three-dimensional form and ceramic techniques, including in-depth study in one area of concentration with strong emphasis on individual expression and research.
  • Art 442: Clay and Glaze Calculation
    This course focuses on understanding and experimenting with raw ceramic materials and their use in the formulation of clays and glazes. Emphasis will be placed upon proper, safe handling of materials, accurate and effective use of material and process, and the implementation of individual results.



Visiting Artists