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Art & Art History

University of Mississippi

BFA Studio Art

Students seeking professional portfolios will pursue the Bachelor of Fine Arts degree (BFA.) This degree allows for a concentration in a particular field including, ceramics, painting, printmaking, graphic design, imaging arts, and sculpture. The program permits the candidate to take a greater number of classes in studio art and art history.

Admission to the BFA program is by competitive portfolio review after the student has completed 18 credit hours of studio art. BFA candidates are required to present an exhibition during their senior year that demonstrates their achievement in developing a mature and cohesive body of creative work. The BFA degree is also the foundation for graduate study toward the Master of Fine Arts (MFA) degree.

BFA Interviews are held mid-semester in the fall and spring.

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BFA Interviews for SPRING 2020

  • BFA Interviews are Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons, February 18th & 19th.
  • Applications are due to the Department by Thursday, February 13th at 5 PM
  • Sign-up sheet and applications will be available in the Art Office 
  • Students must have completed 18 studio hours to be eligible for interviews.
  • All applications must be signed by an area head advisor before submission.

To apply:

  1. Fill out an application and submit it to the Department office with a current, unofficial copy of your transcript. An interview time will then be arranged by the BFA coordinator. 
  2. With the help of your advisor, choose work from each of your studio classes to present to the faculty.
  3. You’ll be expected to give a 5-minute presentation at the beginning of the interview.
  4. If granted entrance to the program, the student will participate in a BFA review each semester until enrolled in thesis. Grades in Department of Art & Art History courses of less than a “C” will not be counted toward this degree.

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