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Art & Art History
University of Mississippi

Art 103: Three-Dimensional Design

3-D Design is a foundations course that focuses student concepts on three-dimensional forms and ideas. Students are challenged to take the basic elements and principles of design and then realize them in-the-round to create balance and harmony from all sides of the form. Basic tools, construction techniques and materials are taught and utilized in this course, such as wire, fabric, cardboard and wood. Concepts focus on bringing 2-D ideas into 3-D forms while exploring personal expression through guided assignments. Students are challenged both individually and as a group through projects, critiques, presentations, videos, readings, and discussions. This class will utilize lectures, demonstrations, paper assignments, projects, and critiques to investigate basic ideas, tools, and techniques involving three-dimensional constructions.

By the end of the semester, students will

  • learn the basics of design as applied in three dimensions.
  • examine line, plane, volume, texture, scale, and proportion by working through a series of projects.
  • manipulate these design elements through several technical and conceptual approaches.
  • learn necessary information regarding safety, tools, techniques, and materials as they relate directly to the projects and the woodshop.
  • use vocabulary terms in critique, writing assignments, and classroom discussions, as they relate to design and sculpture.
  • build a foundation for good studio practices, a collaborative community, and future three-dimensional work.

“It was very hands on and challenged me to think outside of the box. The instructor is very helpful and loves her job. She was very excited about teaching and positive to be around.”

“The class time is fun, and structured for productivity. The projects are challenging, but super fun. Stacey is so helpful and fun to work with, I can’t recommend this class enough.”