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Art & Art History
University of Mississippi

Visual Resource Center

The VRC is the art history research facility. This center houses an analog collection of over 88,000 art history slides used for research and education, maintained by the Visual Resource Center Specialist. It also provides facilities for digitization of slides and images in addition to the assistance of obtaining educational visual resources. The Visual Resource Center provides the use of an online digital image database ( which houses over 32,000 digital images.


Visual Resource Center Facilities

The Visual Resource Center (VRC) is maintained by the Visual Resource Center Coordinator and provides an online digital image database ( that currently contains over 33,000 digital images in its constantly growing archive. In addition, the VRC houses an analog collection of over 90,000 slides used for art history research and instruction. The VRC Coordinator carries out the digitization of images and coordinates audio-visual equipment that can be checked out by Department of Art instructors and graduate students.

Image and slide-scanning equipment in the VRC includes an Epson GT-20000 scanner and a Nikon Super Coolscan Slide Scanner 8000.

Equipment available for checkout by instructors includes:

4 portable LCD projectors

9 slide projectors

4 Macintosh laptop computers

1 PC laptop computer

2 DVD players


  Equipment and Facilities
4   Portable LCD projectors
9   Slide projectors
4   Apple Laptops
1   PC Laptop
1   Epson GT-20000 Scanner
Nikon Super Coolscan Slide Scanner 8000
1   Sharp Flat Screen, Digital Television
2   DVD players
2   VCRS