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Art & Art History
University of Mississippi

Sarah Hammond

BFA, Painting – 2016

I was born in New Orleans and raised in central Mississippi. I graduated from the University of Mississippi in 2016 with a BFA in Painting. Since then, I’ve moved back to Louisiana to be closer to my family. When it comes to making art, I love to use everything from painting to wood carving, and now digital illustration.

“My pieces focus on identity, emotional drives, and memories. In my pieces, I aspire to grasp a better understanding of these intangible themes by creating self-reflective characters and placing them in surreal settings. The vibrant colors, patterns, and light-hearted, playful imagery acting within these environments are influenced by my South Louisiana heritage and the easy-going atmosphere that is promoted there. Being able to control and define the imagery used in these spaces offers not only a means of understanding these broad, relatable human themes, but also, offers further insight to my own personal experiences.”

I currently work for a small advertising/marketing business in Shreveport, LA. I’m a graphic designer, marketing assistant, and tv production director there. I have a second job as a gallery/retail assistant and in-house designer at a small Louisiana themed artisanal gallery and gift shop. Of course, I do all this along with freelance illustration work on the side.

When I’m not working, I’m drawing on my iPad or painting. I’ve only been working digitally for 2 years now, so I still spend most of my days trying to improve and level up my skills. It’s a struggle balancing working full-time and still making art!

I’m attempting to explore the you that exists outside of your head and how that “you” interacts with the world. By introducing more figures, I’m offered more opportunity to explore ideas I struggle with like intimacy and being present in the real world.

As for physical elements, I’ve been working on loosening up my style, narrowing my color palettes, and finding more dynamic compositions. I’m trying to gain more clarity and be more concise with imagery in my work as well.

You can follow me on Instagram, @svrvhrvin

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