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Art & Art History
University of Mississippi

Sara Beth Truman

MFA, Ceramics – 2012

Sara Truman is a ceramic artist and educator living in Gainesville, FL. She is the Visual and Performing Arts Department Chair and Ceramics Instructor at Gainesville High School. She is co-owner of Studio T/M Pottery & Clay, which serves as her studio space, in addition to offering community classes and a 1-year studio assistantship. She is also the social media coordinator for National Clay Week, and co-founder of Intersections, a group of MFA working artists teaching in the K-12 system.

“My current investigations in clay are a direct relation to my own daily rituals. A handmade mug for coffee in the morning, a tumbler for water throughout the day, and a voluminous tea bowl for tea in the evening. As vessel maker these utilitarian objects keep me excitedly making to find my next favorite one in a series. I believe the more voluptuous the form the better for both containment and consumption. I create these larger forms to give me a grander surface to address with my surface decoration. These blank canvases lined up on my table beacon to be attended. Inspired by abstract expressionist paintings of the 1950’s and 60’s I lay my colors out in front of me working intuitively across several pieces at a time. Using underglazes as paint I layer washes of color to build a history of mark making on the surface. After several of these layers are built up I use a sgraffito tool to carve back through the slip and reveal small lines of the dark clay body.  After glazing I brush each one with a thin coat of lithium wash in certain areas to reveal more through the layers of slip and underglaze. When finished I send them out into the world for someone else’s daily ritual to experience.”

You can follow me, @sbtruman, and my ceramics studio, @studiotmceramics, on Instagram!

Make sure to check Studio T/M Pottery & Clay‘s website and my Art Axis page for more images.