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Art & Art History
University of Mississippi

Mary Catherine Davis

BFA, Painting – 2018

"MCat" Davis


Born and raised in Dallas, Texas, art has been a part of Mcat Davis’ life since she can remember. Her childhood weekends were spent in art galleries, museums, and performance halls. Luckily, not a whole lot has changed.

While at the University of Mississippi, she studied under professors and artists, such as Philip Jackson, Matt Long, Durante Thompson, and Brooke White. While attending, she explored many mediums but ultimately received her BFA with an emphasis in painting in 2018.

Upon graduating she moved back to Dallas where she continues her art practice. She has enjoyed working closely with the Pastoral Counseling center as an art therapy liason, as well as working full-time as a middle school ministry resident at Highland park Presbyterian Church. She has showed her work in numerous shows, including Craighead Green’s ‘New Texas Talent XXV.’

While painting will always be her first love, she is process-driven and loves experimenting with materials. She continues to work primarily in large formats that marry painting and sculpture. Her work is an exploration of movement and emotion, and strives to create a viewing experience that mirrors a similar energy.

Currently: Sudent Ministry Resident at Highland Park Presbyterian church in Dallas, TX. She is also pursuing a Master of Fine Arts from the University of North Texas.

You can follow me on Instagram, @mcatdavisart!