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Art & Art History
University of Mississippi

Entonie “Tony” Mcelveen

BFA, Graphic Design – 2019

I’m a freelance graphic designer/illustrator/comic book artist currently located in Mississippi. In my spare time I write and draw my own comic book series known as Roadkill that I’ve been working on since 2013, along with designing merchandise such as trading cards, tshirts, posters, and etc. Most of my artistic influences come from comic books, hiphop music and horror movies.

Since graduation, I’ve been working on commissions, new issues of my comic book Roadkill, new t-shirts designs, and merchandise. I’m also collaborating with other artists in creating unique and original artwork for my art group called, KILLCOUNT. Current graduate student, Jessica Counterman, is one of the artists I collaborate with. 

I’m currently a Freelance Digital Illustrator for #Manvs, Graphic Design Intern for Pencil Break.

You can follow me on Instagram, @roadkill0313

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