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Art & Art History
University of Mississippi

Avery Cordray

BFA, Painting – 2016

Avery Cordray explores connected shape and color to spotlight the situational illusions and allowances that muddle our perceived realities. Atmospheric interplay of layered shapes in space clot and coagulate to a respiratory like effect. The oil paintings revel in the bliss of an unorthodox marriage between the subjective and the projective. Cordray lets the work free itself of the technical and guided ways the world expects from it. Her work sorts through the dilemmas concerning color choices as the relief from constant overthinking and anxiety. Her work is influenced and driven by anxieties that cause doubt. Cordray works with blind contouring to relieve doubt, therefore incorporating it to coexist with the confidently defined linework. These differences between confident action and the unclear, undefined reflect the search for a middle ground she strives to define. Movement is her process wIth no checkpoint, no destination, only itinerary and the sole act thereof. A map of how Cordray seeks to act in her daily life is translated into her pieces whether or not those daily decisions yield tangible results is simultaneously superfluous although essential.

I’m currently working on smaller pieces to challenge myself not to focus on magnitude of the actual size of the canvas. I’m focusing on line work and shape fluidity and on color and weight of the compositions. I also am trying to implement blind contour into the blocked in compositions.

To view my BFA Thesis work, check out the department’s Flickr page,

You can follow me and my work on Instagram, @stuff_avery_makes!