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Art & Art History
University of Mississippi

Q&A with Eve Kelly (BFA Painting)

Momento Vivere
March 20-24th, 2023

Closing Reception
When: Thursday, March 23rd, 2023, 4:30–6:00 PM
Where: Gallery 130, Meek Hall

Introduce yourself and tell us where you are from.
Hello, my name is Eve Kelly and I am from Paris, MS

What attracted you to the Department of Art & Art History?
I wasn’t too sure where I was going to go but then my high school art teacher, Thomas Grosskopf, helped me decide that I was going to do the B.F.A program here.

What type of artwork do you create?
My work often deals with depression and my personal experiences with it.

Could you explain your process?
Recently I’ve explored painting still life objects from my past and explored the idea of memory. I create art that has a dreamy atmosphere by building up layers of oil paint.


Which artists do you look to for inspiration?
I look at Rembrandt and Edward hopper for inspiration.

Which professors inspired you the most?
Brooke Alexander and Phillip Jackson have helped me learn so much about my work and supported me through every struggle or doubt I’ve had about myself and my work.

What has been your favorite class during your years here?
There are so many classes that I enjoyed but by far, ceramics, printmaking, and of course, painting.

Could you describe a favorite memory here in the department?
My favorite memory here in the department is having Brook Alexander as my teacher for all of my basics. There were times when I would have her for one class, get a 5-minute break, and then have a different class with her haha.

Do you have any advice for incoming art students?
Don’t be discouraged when something you create doesn’t work how you thought because it could create something even better.

Do you have any hobbies outside of the art department?
I like to crochet and anything else crafty like that. I also play a couple of instruments for fun.

What is your favorite thing about Oxford or the University?
I love all of the events that are held to keep students included and encourage them not just to go back to their dorm or apartment.

Can we find you on social media?
Yes, on Instagram @always.__.sleepy

Do you have any plans after graduation?
I plan on finding a job and doing art on the side until I can maybe get some traction with my art.