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University of Mississippi

Online Thesis Exhibitions-ALT

We are going VIRTUAL! Check out our senior BFA & MFA Thesis Exhibitions below.
We are highlighting a few photos of each student but you can view their full album on our Flickr page!
Be sure to click on the links as well!

‣ BFA Thesis Exhibitions

  ANNA BRELAND (coming soon)

  ASHELY BIGGS (coming soon)

  SARAH BROWNING (coming soon)

  CECELIA MOSELEY (coming soon)

  BAILEY PILLOW (coming soon)

  SARAH ROPER (coming soon)


View more detailed photos of her ceramics pieces on our Flickr.

Artist Biography

Rosa Salas is an artist and full time student at the University of Mississippi. Rosa was born and raised in Maracaibo, Venezuela “La Tierra del Sol Amado” (The Beloved Land of the Sun). Her roots and memories of growing up in a sunny, cheerful and colorful city influences her work greatly and encourages her to approach art and life in an energetic and playful manner. Rosa is expected to obtain her B.F.A. with an emphasis in Ceramics at the University of Mississippi this May 2020. Rosa will be a part of the Mississippi Teacher Corps Class of 2020 and she will be teaching Spanish in Meridian, MS for two years while pursuing her Masters in Education and Curriculum at The University of Mississippi.


Artist Statement

As a functional-vessel maker, I am interested in the intimate connection between user and maker, and in making works that are genuine to my personal character and history. I envision my work as energetic, spontaneous, and inviting. Using design elements such as line, asymmetrical balance, color, and pattern, my work strives to create dynamic forms.

I am drawn to functional vessels that are accessible, personal, and invite active interaction. Plates, cups and any other functional ware are made with the intention of making the sharing a meal with other people special and engaging. I hope that in my work I can create not only a fun and interesting presentation for food, but also a vehicle for purposeful and valuable times shared with other people.

My sets for shared meals that have eccentric and unconventional form and shapes inspired by abstraction, Cubist shapes, and whimsical line quality. The works’ graphic style, pattern, and play of symmetry and asymmetry come from historical ceramics from the native Americas, such as Teotihuacan, Mayan, and Mimbres pottery.

My color palette is derived from children’s books, toys, and memories of my youth in Venezuela. It finds inspiration in the polychromatic houses in El Saladillo, the beautiful woven hammocks known as Chinchorros, where I would swing as a kid, or the indigenous Wayuu dresses known as Manta Guajira. These remind me of the Venezuelan and Marabino culture and tradition and they also speak to who I am as a person. A balanced color palette with muted, rich, and vivid colors allows a mature version of myself to celebrate the playfulness of youth and child-like joy.


View more detailed photos of her ceramics pieces on our Flickr.

Artist Biography

Blythe Summers is a digital photographer from Madison MS. She is a graduating senior in the BFA imaging arts program. She focuses mainly on the cyanotype process and creating imagined landscapes digitally through photoshop. Her work is mainly driven by our connection and influence with the natural world around us.


Artist Statement

As a southerner and Mississippian, I have always seen Kudzu as an iconic Mississippi landscape. I am fascinated by Kudzu’s ability to completely engulf a landscape transforming the space into a seemingly different world. These spaces and moments in the landscape where Kudzu has taken over inspires me to create worlds where Kudzu had completely engulfed the south, as a symbol of how our actions can shape the environment around us as a whole.

In the 1930s Kudzu was brought to the south from Japan as a tool to combat soil erosion and due to rising temperatures, it is slowly encroaching on more and more land within the United States. The New Native is a series of imagined landscapes that depict the future of the south if we do not address current environmental issues facing the region. Each unique large format, tea-stained cyanotype allows the viewer to be surrounded in the space just as Kudzu engulfs the landscape. The images in these large-format prints are created from multiple photographs that are combined digitally to create one seamless image. The photographic sculpture consists of one of a kind digital cyanotypes that create a space allowing the viewer to step inside an imagined landscape.

The imagined worlds in The New Native could become our future reality as Kudzu becomes a native species to the south and beyond. Each piece in this exhibition is meant to create feelings of awe, curiosity, and fear in the viewer if we do not stop the environmental issues that are plaguing our environment. As Kudzu creeps towards the north it will always serve as a personal reminder of what Mississippi landscapes have undergone and what the future holds for us.

  WYATT WEST (coming soon)

‣ MFA Thesis Exhibitions

  GABRIELLE DINGER (coming soon)

  WILLIAM MCCOMB (coming soon)

  IAN SKINNER (coming soon)