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Made in Mississippi

WRITTEN BY CALYN HOERNER (Invitation Oxford Magazine)

Delta Grind Grits – Water Valley

Stone-ground products grown in the heart of north Mississippi

Diners at Ravine or McEwen’s may notice the brand of the grits served with their meal is specified on the menu. Sourced from farms across Mississippi and hand-ground in Water Valley, the grits, polenta, cornmeal and masa from Delta Grind Grits are Mississippi through and through. Julia Tatum became the owner of Delta Grind Grits when she bought the small business from her cousin, Becky Tatum. The latter purchased the company in 2008 and grew it to provide grits to over 50 restaurants and businesses. With a product that’s ground to order and shipped the next day, Delta Grind Grits ensures freshness in every batch. Today, the grits are served and sold in 20 states across the nation.

Original article and photos from Invitation Oxford Magazine.

Julia Tatum received her BFA with an emphasis in Graphic Design in 2014. To view her thesis work, check out photos from her exhibition on our Flickr page!