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Art & Art History
University of Mississippi

Graduate Courses


Course Title  
AH 503 Art Theory and Criticism  
AH 505 Topics in Art History  
AH 508 Seminar in Art History  
AH 520 Topics in Ancient Art  
AH 530 Topics in Medieval Art  
AH 540  Topics in Early Modern Art  
AH 541 Italian Renaissance Art  
AH 545 Barogue and Rococo Art and Architecture  
AH 550 Topics in Modern Art: Europe and America  
AH 551 19th Century European Art  
AH 555 20th Century Art  
AH 557 Modern Architecture & Industrial Design  
AH 559 Contemporary Art and Architecture  
AH 560 Topics in American Art  
AH 561 American Art to 1900  
AH 565 Southern Folk Art  
AH 566 History of Southern Art and Decorative Arts  
AH 567 Southern Architecture and Interiors  
AH 569 Survey of Black American Art  
AH 578 History of Printmaking  
AH 586 African and African American Arts  
AH 594 Meso American Art  
Art 511 Drawing  
Course Title  
Art 508 Arts Administration  
Art 510 Studio Art on Location  
Art 512 Figure Drawing  
Art 515 Craft of Old Master Drawings and Paintings  
Art 521 Painting  
Art 526 Watercolor  
Art 531 Sculpture  
Art 532 Head Modeling  
Art 533 Figure Modeling  
Art 541 Pottery and Ceramics  
Art 560 Vector Imaging  
Art 561 Typography  
Art 564 Web Design I  
Art 565 Web Design II  
Art 571 Printmaking  
Art 573 Book Arts  
Art 581 Black & White Photography  
Art 583 Digital Photography  
Art 584 Digital Video  
Art 691 Directed Individual Problems  
Art 692 Professional Practices  
Art 697 Thesis