Art & Art History

University of Mississippi

Facilities: Sculpture

The sculpture facility is located on the bottom floor of Meek Hall and provides spaces for the realization of projects in traditional and contemporary media. We maintain three dedicated facilities for woodworking, metal fabrication, and casting processes. We also have additional areas including a beginning level teaching room, an advanced-level work room, a shared undergraduate room, large studios for graduate students, and a large outdoor workspace.

The room  for introductory courses includes large work tables, storage for student works, and a large flat screen monitor for presentations or DVDs. The room for advanced classes includes large working tables, storage space for student work, a tool room, wax working station, and a roll-up door for easy access for large materials. The graduate studios are approximately 20’ X 20’ with multiple electrical outlets located around the room convenient for tool use.

The woodshop is well equipped with all the essential woodworking tools. The shop includes a newly purchased Powermatic 66-TA table saw and a Powermatic 3520B Lathe, as well as multiple stationary belt sander/ disc grinders, an oscillating sander, multiple drill presses and scroll saws, several 14” band saws, multiple routers, heavy-duty jointer and planer, both stationary and sliding compound miter saws, a dust collection system, large worktables, various hand tools, and a multitude of clamps and vices.

The metal shop is a large studio consisting of two roll up doors allowing for excellent access to the outdoor fabrication area while providing easy delivery points for materials. While the metal shop includes numerous metal manipulation devices, it also includes eight oxy-acetylene stations, three mig welders, a tig welder, arc welders, a heavy duty plasma cutting station, chop saws, horizontal band saws, a drill press, one media blasting unit, and multiple compressors allowing for numerous students to work at the same time. The metal shop also includes various other hand and electric tools such as hammers, cold chisels, angle grinders, and various saws.

The outdoor space includes a foundry that houses several furnaces and a burnout kiln that allows for the casting of a variety of metals. The foundry area is located in a partially enclosed building with open air walls and ceiling vents for ventilation and is equipped to melt various capacities of aluminum, bronze, and iron. The sculpture area is equipped for large resin sand and investment molds, with ceramic shell coming in the near future. The rest of the outside area is used for large fabrications and storage for materials. The outdoor area is enclosed by a large brick wall that provides ample security and safety for those inside and outside of the space.