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Art & Art History
University of Mississippi

Facilities: Printmaking

The printmaking area occupies a large classroom/studio, Meek 124. There are cubicles for graduate and undergraduate majors, a darkroom and an adjoining studio housing Letterpress (Room 113).

The lithography press is a Takach-Garfield variable speed electric, 34″ x 57″

The studio is equipped for traditional stone and plate lithography stones, including rollers, levigators, and a general purpose/graining sink in the print studio.

For intaglio, there are three presses: a 30″ x 50″ Charles Brand, a 20″ x 43″ and an antique mint press. A proofing press for type-high blocks and linoleum are also available. There is a ventilated acid area with glass safety doors, a drench shower, and handheld eye-drench fountain.

Other equipment include a vacuum frame exposure unit and a dark room equipped for silkscreen and alternative lithography and intaglio methods, such as photolithography and photopolymer intaglio. Other equipment includes a hot plate, a book press, large paper cutter, mat cutter, metal shear, and a drying rack.

Equipment:  Printmaking Studio Checklist