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Art & Art History
University of Mississippi

Facilities: Printmaking & Imaging Arts

The printmaking area occupies a large classroom/studio, Meek 124. There are cubicles for graduate and undergraduate majors, a darkroom and an adjoining studio housing Letterpress (Room 113).

Imaging Arts is housed in two buildings, Kinard Hall and Meek Hall. All black and white film classes take place in Kinard Hall. Digital photography and digital video classes are taught in Meek Hall in the Imaging Arts lab. All facilities and equipment are available only to current students enrolled in Imaging Arts classes.

Equipment and Lab Hours

Printmaking Equipment

The lithography press is a Takach-Garfield variable speed electric, 34″ x 57″

The studio is equipped for traditional stone and plate lithography stones, including rollers, levigators, and a general purpose/graining sink in the print studio.

For intaglio, there are three presses: a 30″ x 50″ Charles Brand, a 20″ x 43″ and an antique mint press. A proofing press for type-high blocks and linoleum are also available. There is a ventilated acid area with glass safety doors, a drench shower, and handheld eye-drench fountain.

Other equipment include a vacuum frame exposure unit and a dark room equipped for silkscreen and alternative lithography and intaglio methods, such as photolithography and photopolymer intaglio. Other equipment includes a hot plate, a book press, large paper cutter, mat cutter, metal shear, and a drying rack.

Printmaking Studio Checklist

Imaging Arts Facilities and Equipment List

Lab Hours

Kinard Darkroom Hours: Kinard 204

  • Sunday: 6–10pm
  • Monday: 6–10pm
  • Wednesday: 6–10pm

Digital Lab Printing: Meek 119

  • Sunday: 5–9pm
  • Monday: 5–9pm
  • Tuesday: 5–7pm
  • Wednesday: 5–7pm

Extra hours by appointment with Professor White:

  • Tuesday: 10am–2pm
  • Thursday: 9am–1pm

Reserve umepson9800
Reserve canonpro10b
Reserve canonpro101
Reserve umcanon1000
Reserve imaging arts printers

Lighting Studio Hours: Meek 139

  • Sunday: 5:30–9pm
  • Monday: 8-5pm*
  • Tuesday: 8-5pm*
  • Wednesday: 9-5pm*
  • Thursday: 9-5pm*
  • Friday: 9-5pm*

*get keys from Art and Art History office
Reserve light studio

Imaging Arts Equipment Cage: 139

  • Sunday: 5–5:30pm
  • Monday: 1–2pm & 5–5:30pm
  • Tuesday: 5–5:30pm
  • Wednesday: 1–2pm & 5–5:30pm
  • Thursday: 1–2pm
  • Students must reserve equipment first through Cheqroom. Only students enrolled in Imaging Arts courses will have access to the equipment.
  • Contact Professor Brooke White with any questions.

*Printing reservations for the 9800 roll printer are available from 8am–2pm on Fridays and require prior training; reservations are available on all other printers from 11am–2pm on Fridays during a booked appointment with only a monitor.