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Art & Art History
University of Mississippi

Elizabeth Feder Hosey – Alumna Spotlight

Elizabeth Feder Hosey

Attorney/Owner, Elizabeth Feder-Hosey Law Firm

BA in Art History, minor in Religious Studies (2005)
JD Law (2011)


Why did you select art history as your major?
I chose art history because it visually contextualizes actual history from a myriad of viewpoints. 

What are some favorite memories from your time at UM? 
I absolutely love Oxford and visit often. While at UM, I became good friends with North MS Hill Country Blues artists and spent much of my time immersing myself in that culture. I also had the privilege of studying Renaissance Art in Florence, Italy. 

Please describe your educational/career trajectory since graduation from UM.
I worked for the Walter Anderson Museum of Art as the Public Relations and Programming Coordinator. I was able to facilitate educational programming, write for the quarterly publication, assist curate shows, and learn more about Walter Anderson. I eventually went to Law School at UM and served as a Graduate Assistant for the Sarah Isom Center. I am actively involved in a number of arts and culture organizations and foundations. I still love art and patronize art institutions locally and any time I travel. My children are being educated in art as well. 

What is the value of studying art history in today’s world? 
In a nation where the line between church and state is becoming more blurred with each passing year, it is incredibly important for folks to understand history and why that separation is so important. Studying art history can tell that story. While creating a career in the art history field is difficult, especially in Mississippi, I was able to use my degree to go on to law school. I have managed my own law practice for the past 10 years. 

Art history tells the story of our world through images, sounds, and textures. Practicing law is about telling a story, contextualizing facts, and understanding people. If you can learn art history, you can understand how to practice law.