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Art & Art History
University of Mississippi

Dr. Wicker Elected to Board of Directors of the ICMA

Professor Nancy L. Wicker of the Department of Art and Art History has recently been elected to the Board of Directors of the International Center of Medieval Art (ICMA). The mission of this group is to promote and support the study, understanding, and preservation of visual and material cultures produced primarily between ca. 300 CE and 1500 CE in every corner of the medieval world.

The ICMA was founded in 1952 as the Centre international d’études romanes in Tournus, France, and later relocated to the Louvre in Paris. Meanwhile, a US branch of the French organization was formed, and the two joined to become the ICMA, with its international headquarters at The Met Cloisters, the branch of The Metropolitan Museum of Art dedicated to medieval art and architecture.

The Board of the ICMA is truly international with current delegates from Rome, Paris, London, Melbourne, Budapest, Cairo, Nicosia, Helsinki, and Istanbul, in addition to North American members. Besides contributing as a Board member, Dr. Wicker also serves the ICMA on its Digital Resources Committee and a task force on Geographies, Temporalities, and Methods of Medieval Art History.