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Art & Art History
University of Mississippi

BA Art History

Undergraduates majoring in art history are introduced to the study of art across a wide range of media, cultures, and periods. The Bachelor of arts (BA) degree in art history offers a broad choice of courses in Western and non-Western art history, as well as unique courses in various media and emphases. 


Art history students examine works of art in their historical, social, and political contexts, conduct research, and discern the ideas conveyed by art. They study principal artists and art movements, past and present, in Western and non-Western cultures. They also take courses in studio art to better understand the methods and techniques used to produces visual art. 

Courses You’ll Take

• History of Art I & II
• 1 course in ancient art
• 1 course in medieval art
• 1 course in Renaissance/Early Modern art
• 1 course in non-Western Art

• 20th Century Art
• 2 advanced art history electives
• Research and Writing in Art
• Art Theory and Criticism
• 3 courses in studio art (2 courses beginning 2020–2021)


Art history majors excel in analyzing the visual arts. They learn about the styles, trends, and developments of art history and gain proficiency in communicating their thoughts about art. The critical thinking and communication skills that are developed by studying art history are highly desired by employers. 

Access to a Network of Alumni
You’ll have access to a strong alumni network, including many of our graduates who have become leaders in their organization.
Our art history alumni find careers in all major economic sectors. The most common are: Arts|Culture|Media, Business|Finance, STEM, K-12, Higher Ed, and Law. 

Alumni Examples

Assoc. Curator, Dixon Gallery and Gardens

Creative Dir. Ridge & Furrow Letterpress

Dir. of Collections, Walter Anderson Museum

Dir. of Learning & Innovation, Minneapolis Institute of Art

Manager, Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum

Master Planner, Walt Disney Imagineering

Owner, the French Potager Antiques

Gallery Owner, Perry Nicole Fine Art

Events Coord., National Museum of Women in the Arts

Associate Attorney, Jones Walker

Marketing Associate, Sysco

Regional Sales Manager, Nespresso

Faculty, Brevard Comm. College

Communications Manager, Grand Biloxi

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