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Art & Art History
University of Mississippi

Art 441. Advanced Ceramics

Students enter into an individual study of ceramic forms in order to develop a well-thought out body of work that exhibits a fully formed conceptual foundation. There is emphasis on research and professional development within the context of ceramic craftsmanship. Students finish the course with a cohesive body of work.

“The professor knows so much about the material and can help with basically any ceramic-related question you can think of. I asked a lot of questions, and not once did he make me feel like I was being a burden to him, despite his busy schedule. He’s very kind, but has high expectations. He encourages students in a way that is specific to the individual, and as someone who enjoys feeling heard, this manner of communication really helped me. He praises students just as equally as he pushes them to do better, and that’s equally as important to me. He understands what it means to be teaching a fine art, and I very much appreciate it.”