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Art & Art History
University of Mississippi

Art 385. Introduction to Alternative Photographic Processes

Students learn alternative lens-based approaches to photographic imaging including the use of Cyanotype and Van Dyke Brown in the production of prints. Traditional photographic processes are employed in tandem with digital strategies to create strong conceptual artworks. This course highlights detailed research and criticism in the creation and evaluation of work.

“The course allows you to explore ways of making photographs I didn’t even know existed. This class was amazing and pushed me to challenge myself in critical thinking. The instructor truly loved the course and it really showed.  Please take this class. It’ll allow you to experience ways of making art you didn’t know were possible. It’ll help push you to ask questions.”

“This course is awesome! It pushed me to be a completely different artist. I learned so many different strategies for developing my photos and was allowed a creative freedom I have never had in any of my other courses. This was a small course so we all grew close and we’re able to push each other to create the work we wanted.”