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Art & Art History
University of Mississippi

Art 384. Digital Media I

Students learn about video art through multiple approaches including storyboarding, lighting and editing. A strong emphasis on the technical aspects of Adobe software gives students the ability to work within a variety of practices. Students exit the class with a thorough understanding of various video processes including narrative, performance, experimental film and installation.

“Valerie treated us like friends as well as students and showed interest in everyone’s work. She never told someone their work was bad and never had us change course in it drastically. She gave us the feedback we needed in order to produce a video that showed off our creative capability.”

“Valerie is an amazing teacher. Use her as a resource to push your ideas further. She truly cared about my work.”

“I loved this course, I learned so much about creating and editing videos. Valerie challenged us in a good way and also gave us creative freedom to make the projects something we were invested in.”