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Art & Art History
University of Mississippi

ART 371. Introduction to Printmaking

Students begin a traditional and contemporary study of printmaking forms, including intaglio, relief, screen process, lithography, and monotype. A strong emphasis is placed on understanding the history of the mediums and the various elements of design at work in a given artwork. Conceptual and technical evaluation will be prioritized in the critique setting.

By the end of the semester, students will be able to:

  • analyze, synthesize and integrate an understanding of the history of printmaking from the 15th century to the present and be able to articulate this subject in project development, class discussion, and critique.
  • identify and analyze the historical and contemporary contexts of different printmaking processes such as lithography, silkscreen, relief, intaglio, and monotype in relationship to culture, society, and individual identity, and determine applications of this analysis in one’s own artistic work.
  • demonstrate comprehension of and ability to employ the elements and principles of visual art and design via a variety of printmaking processes.
  • identify and critically evaluate from a variety of sources how visual art inspires and is inspired by other forms of art, such as music, film and written texts including poetry and novels.
  • use practical concepts to interpret and critically analyze works of art articulating technical, conceptual, and aesthetic issues in class discussion, project development, and critique.
  • develop and evaluate possible solutions to studio art assignments that lead to well-grounded and creative conclusions.

“This course had a lot of creative freedom and I really enjoyed it. I would definitely recommend making the time for this class and the professor made it more enjoyable. Very fun class. Don’t wear nice clothes though you will get ink on them somehow.”

“Great class to take; interesting to learn about the processes of different print making. Definitely a rewarding class to those who want to see growth in their works.”

“Lauren really cares about your work and will help guide you in techniques but allow you to make creative decisions.”