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Art & Art History
University of Mississippi

Art 362. Graphic Design II – Production Design

The overarching theme in this course involves building upon what is learned in Art 361, Typography. Projects are more advanced and multifaceted and prompt students to solve design problems in their entirety. Students develop skills in professionalism within the discipline of graphic design. Other focuses of this course include learning how to prepare design work for print media as well as learning how to design creative projects using studio art skills and computer solutions.
This course includes a series of exercises and assignments culminating in complete projects that stress theory, technique, concept, creative development and experimentation. Students learn to begin each problem with ideation techniques (e.g., lateral thinking and visual experimentation). Each problem presents unique opportunities to employ the basic principles of graphic design. Because of the inherent focus in this course, students maintain a process book/sketchbook devoted to this class containing all initial ideas and sketches, and any other process material that is used to develop solutions to the problem.

By the end of the semester, students will:

  • learn how to prepare design work for print media; 
  • learn how to communicate with a client for the best outcome of the proposed design problem; 
  • learn to design creative projects using studio art skills and computer solutions; and
  • develop their personal design process and learn how to interpret, through writing, current design concepts and trends.

“Each assignment was challenging, and the professor encouraged us to try different techniques and to experiment with new ideas and finished pieces. We also worked as a team for our final project, which was very helpful. He really considers his students’ best interest and how to help improve their skills. The projects are good portfolio pieces!”