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Art & Art History
University of Mississippi

Art 332. Intermediate Sculpture

This course is a continuation of the investigation of sculptural materials and techniques, focusing primarily on metal fabrication techniques including, but not limited to, welding, blacksmithing and foundry practice. Basic metallurgical techniques are explored utilizing processes, materials, and concepts that build upon lessons covered in beginning sculpture courses. Emphasis will be placed upon welding, blacksmithing and casting processes with conceptual research being developed on an individual basis that is guided by various technical assignments.

By the end of the semester, students will be expected to 

  • manipulate metal as a sculptural medium, through fabrication and foundry processes, as well as other materials and methods relating to fabrication and foundry processes.
  • retain necessary information regarding safety, tools, techniques, materials, communication, and teamwork as they relate directly to the projects and the metal shop.
  • continue to build good studio practices and a collaborative community.
  • work at a higher skill and commitment level, finding more individual motivation for project completion.
  • form ideas and opinions about contemporary sculpture and artists, as well as participate in intellectual discussion.
  • be encouraged and challenged to develop ideas about sculpture, aesthetics, and concept.

“The instructor is always willing to show demonstrations again and to do whatever it takes to get your project done. Stacey was very good with hands on instruction and great at creating a positive workspace.”

“The learning environment was warm and welcoming. The instructor was incredibly encouraging and helpful throughout the whole semester. I enjoyed myself almost too much in that class!

“I learned many skills and techniques about sculpture in this class and it has made me a better artist in general. Stacey is also a fabulous instructor.  I would recommend taking this class without a doubt. Not only does the instructor pump you up but being able to see what you can physically do is a great feeling.”