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Art & Art History
University of Mississippi

Art 331. Beginning Sculpture

This course builds upon the core ideas learned in 3-D Design while giving students an introductory survey of some of the more traditional and contemporary materials and techniques used in sculpture. The class is designed to offer the student a broader view and experience in sculptural materials and concepts while gaining a fundamental understanding of sculptural art making, terminology, and concepts. Introduction to more complex problem solving and concepts are explored through presentations, sculptural techniques, and various building materials such as wire armatures, foam, plaster, wood, and found objects. Students are challenged both individually and as a group through projects, critiques, presentations, videos, readings, and discussions.

By the end of the semester, students will learn

  • various techniques, materials, and concepts utilized in sculpture.
  • how to manipulate different materials such as wood, plaster, spatial environments and found objects through several technical and conceptual approaches.
  • necessary information regarding safety, tools, techniques, materials, and ideas as they relate directly to the projects and surrounding the woodshop.
  •  basic vocabulary terms relating to introductory sculpture.

“The use of limited, yet different materials made the projects difficult but brought out the more creative side of myself and I loved having to think outside of the box!”

“Go in the class with crazy creative ideas and make them! The instructor wants to see you succeed, and I know she helped me tremendously throughout the semester with my difficult ideas. My experience in this class will be something I will never forget. “

“This class is amazing. It tested my patience and work ethic, and I learned a lot about myself and art.”

“The class requires you to think differently than any other art class. Art in the 3rd dimension requires more problem solving.”