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Art & Art History
University of Mississippi

ARCHIVEImaging Arts Facilities and Equipment

Imaging Arts is housed in two buildings, Kinard Hall and Meek Hall. All Black and White film classes take place in Kinard Hall. All digitally based Imaging Arts studios, digital photography, and digital video, classes are taught in Meek Hall in the Imaging Arts lab.

Imaging Arts Lab & Light Studio

In Meek Hall, the Imaging Arts lab (751 square feet) is in room 119. All digital photography and digital video classes are taught there. The room consists of one main classroom where all critiques, lectures, work preparation, and screenings take place. The lab is outfitted with all MAC computers, Epson printers, projectors, and prep space. Currently the room services approximately 50-80 students per semester.

Room 139 (199 square feet) is where the instruction of studio lighting occurs. The studio allows for constant and strobe lighting environments and digital capture and analog is permitted.


1 matte cutter
20 iMac computers with G5 processors
1 Epson Perfection large format flatbed and negative scanner
1 Epson 1430 Printer, 17” wide
2 Canon Pro 1000, 17” printer
1 Epson 9800 printer
20 Creative Cloud licenses
1 Canon 7d DSLR
1 Canon 5d DSLR
2 Light Kits
2 softboxes
3 reflectors
1 Strobe kit
2 Tripods

Kinard Hall & B&W Darkroom

In Kinard Hall (1080 square feet), where all black and white classes are taught, there is one main classroom, one film developing room, the darkroom, one storage closet, one office, one film rolling closet, and a single-use darkroom. This studio space accommodates 40 students per semester.


3 large steel sinks
1 plastic sink
2 archival print washers
14 Beseler enlargers
3 light tables
1 matte cutter
1 drying rack
1 film drying closet
2 prepping counters
3 Apple computers
2 Epson printers
1 Epson film scanner
1 Epson flatbed scanner
1 Dry Mount press
1 Epson projector
1 8×10 view camera
1 Calumet 4×5 camera
1 Mamiya 645
2 Lubitel Twin Lens
1 Canon Pro Graf printer
1 Epson 1430 printer
1 Epson 4800 printer
2 tripods
1 matte cutter