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Art & Art History

University of Mississippi

Student Summer Exhibition

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Best in Show
“Blue Burn”
Margaret Perez
Lithography and watercolor

2nd Place
“if You Got ‘Em”
Bailey Pillow
Ceramic, Cone 04

3rd Place
“Two Women (1 Timothy 2:9-14 and Proverbs 5:3-5)”
Annie Hutchins

Juror’s Choice
“Slippery Slope”
Ashley Biggs
Oil on Canvas

Honorable Mentions

Victoria Daily
Watercolor and pencil

“We Will do Like the Roots Do”
Gabrielle Dinger
Sculpture: steel, wood, and resin

“Charcuterie Board”
Rosa Gonzalez
Ceramic, Red Earthenware, cone 04, handbuilt.

“Zeke at Faulkner’s Barn”
James Lawrence
Graphite on paper

“Door Dash Laser Ad”
Ian Payne
Digital Animation

“The Help Book Cover Design”
Lauren Taylor

“Cottonmouth Creek Brewing Company”
Wyatt West

Olivia Wymore
Oil on Bristol board