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Virtual Visiting Artist Program Schedule

In addition to the many artists we invite to campus through our student organizations we also have an established visiting artist program called the Virtual Visiting Artist Program (VVAP). This program creates access to artists via webcam and provides students access to keep pace with critical thought, contemporary artistic practice, and emerging technology used in cultural production today.

Fall 2019

(Wednesday, October 9th / 5 pm 120 Meek Hall)

  • Ali Fitzgerald, Comics Artist
    “On ‘Hungover Bear’ (McSweeney’s), Optimism, and Teaching Comics to Refugees.” (VIRTUAL)
    *with reception to follow in Meek Gallery

(Thursday, October 10th / 5 pm 209 Bryant Hall)

  • Shane McDermott, Illustrator/Cartoonist/Character Designer
    “Character Development” (IN PERSON)
    *Preceded by reception at 5 pm -Bryant Rotunda

(Wednesday, November 13th / 5 pm 120 Meek Hall)

  • Mike Durkin, Performance Artist
    “Football Tailgating as Performance Art” (IN PERSON)

Spring 2019 Schedule

Fall 2018 Schedule