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Imaging Arts


Students studying Imaging Arts learn to create dynamic images and have the opportunity to work in analog and digital environments. Students are encouraged and mentored to learn the foundations of the medium while refining their personal visual language as an expressive tool. Imaging Arts focuses on the combination of analog and digital strategies enabling students to gain experience with film, digital and alternative photographic processes. Students explore a variety of image-making processes through coursework in black and white, color, large format, studio lighting, non-silver, digital photography, and video. These experiences prepare students for a career in both commercial and fine art applications.

Professor of Art Brooke White heads the department.




Facilities and Equipment:
Imaging Arts is housed in two buildings, Kinard Hall and Meek Hall. All Black and White film classes take place in Kinard Hall. All digitally based Imaging Arts studios, digital photography and digital video, classes are taught in Meek Hall in the Imaging Arts lab.

Imaging Arts Lab, Meek Hall 119
(751 square feet), Print room (199 square feet)

In Meek Hall, the Imaging Arts lab is in room 119. All digital photography and digital video classes are taught there. The room consists of one main classroom where all critiques, lectures, work preparation and screenings take place. The lab is outfitted with all MAC computers, Epson printers, projectors and prep space. Currently the room services approximately 50-80 students per semester.

1 Epson 9800 printer
1 Epson 4800 printer
1 HP 4250 printer
1 matte cutter
1 Ricoh printer
20 iMac computers with G5 processors
1 Epson Perfection V600 flatbed scanner
1 Epson Perfection large format flatbed and negative scanner
1 Epson 1400 Printer, 17” wide
25 software licenses for Aperture
25 software licenses for Final Cut Pro Studio
25 software licenses for Creative Suite 5

Lab hours out side of regular class time
Mon-Thursday: 5-11pm, Friday: 9-5pm, Sunday: noon-11pm.




Kinard Hall/Black and White Darkroom (1080 square feet)
In Kinard Hall, where all black and white classes are taught, there is one main classroom, one film developing room, the darkroom, one storage closet, one office, one film rolling closet and a single use darkroom. This studio space accommodates 40 students per semester.

3 large steel sinks
1 plastic sink
2 archival print washers
14 Beseler enlargers
3 light tables
1 matte cutter
1 drying racks
1 film drying closet
2 prepping counters
3 Apple computers
2 Epson printers
1 Epson film scanner
1 Epson flatbed scanner
1 Dry Mount press
1 Epson projector

Darkroom hours FA17
Monday 6-10pm
Tuesday 6-10pm
Wednesday 6-10pm
Thursday 6-10pm
Sunday 6-10pm


Lab hours out side of regular class time
The lab is monitored by graduate and undergraduate students approximately 15 hours per week. The hours for Spring 2017 are as follows:

Sunday 5-9pm
Monday 6-10pm
Tuesday 6-10pm
Wednesday 5-9pm

 Digital Printing (room 119) and Light Studio (room 139) Sign up *Only available for Imaging Arts majors and students enrolled in upper level Imaging Arts courses:

Printer Sign-up:

If anyone needs to cancel, they can email Brooke White


The Clicks, a photography club

The Clicks is a student run organization formed by Imaging Arts majors and led by Adjunct Instructor Rebekah Flake. Students participate in workshops, lectures, museum trips and group photo shoots. Our goal is to promote and support the photographic community within the Imaging Arts program.

For more information look us up on Facebook: