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Emma painting
Aynslee, Advanced painting class
Vitus Shell Exhibition Opening
Sara & Kaz
Thomas working on restoring Bondurant Portrait



Painting is a traditional and broad artform consisting of representational, imaginative, or abstract designs produced by application of colored paints to a two-dimensional, prepared, flat surface. The elements of design (i.e., line, colour, tone, texture) are used in various ways to produce sensations of volume, space, movement, and light. The range of media (e.g., tempera, fresco, oil, watercolour, ink, gouache, encaustic, casein) and the choice of a particular form (e.g., mural, easel, panel, miniature, illuminated manuscript, scroll, screen, fan) combine to realize a unique visual image.

Students may produce realistic or abstract paintings and receive special instruction in portraiture, still life, and plein-air painting. Drawing instruction with various materials including charcoal, chalk, pastels, and pencils is an important part of preparation for painters.

Assistant Professor Philip Jackson is the head of the painting program and is assisted by four graduate students.




The Painting area is located on the second floor of Meek Hall. There are two main areas on the second floor, which include the main teaching room, and an area designated to individual studio space for advanced undergraduate painters. Also located on the second floor are four graduate painting studios.

The main teaching room (room 216 & 218) is designated to teach Beginning and Intermediate Painting. Items used in the space include easels, taborets, storage cabinets for still life props, a locking cabinet for hazardous materials, collection receptacles for liquid and solid hazardous waste, an air spray booth, a sink for cleanup, an eye wash station, a tool storage box, and student storage shelves (36- spaces).

The advanced undergraduate painting area ( room 220) is utilized by 7 to 11 students over the course of a semester. Furnishings include a locking Hazardous Material cabinet, a cleanup sink, eyewash, storage cabinets for props and supplies, easels, taborets, and a collection receptacle for solid hazardous waste material.

Each graduate painting studio (room 207, 211, 213, & 215) is provided storage shelves, easels, taborets, and window exhaust fan.




Visiting Artists:

David Jewell
Yvonne Petkus
Jason Bouldin
Gary Baseman
Valerie Jaudon
John Alexander
Amy Wilson
William Dunlap
Jere Allen
Tami Beldue