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Facilities: Graphic Design

The graphic design facility is housed on the first floor of Meek Hall. Graphic Design courses are mainly taught in the computer lab, Meek 117, with storage/resource material located in the Graphic Design Resource Room, Meek 115. There are also letterpress classes that are taught in Meek 113.

The graphic design computer lab houses iMac computer stations as well as laptop docking stations, accommodating students who bring their own machines to class. This room houses courses in graphic design, web design, vector imaging and photo imaging. The Graphic Design Computer lab accommodates approximately 90-100 students each semester taking design courses. It also is available to 1 Art History class (about 25 students) as well as all Art Department faculty & staff,  BA, BFA students and MFA students during evening lab hours.

The Graphic Design Resource Room is currently used to store student projects, past MFA theses,  BFA Thesis notebooks and resource annuals for graphic design students. This room also serves as a private space for conferences or individual reviews.

The Control Room is located between the Graphic Design Computer Lab and the Imaging Arts Computer Lab. It contains a color LaserJet printer with capabilities of printing 11” x 17” and a Mac Xserve server, which controls both labs.

Recently, letterpress printing has been added to our curriculum. This is an exciting endeavor, however the space is very inadequate. Letterpress is currently housed in Meek 113 as well as the Graphic Design Computer Lab, so that students may have more space. They also use the computer lab to research/refine digital aspects of letterpress printing. The area is expected to grow and more space will be needed to accommodate the growth of this area.

The Graphic Design Computer Lab consists of:

qty: Computer Equipment
4 G5 Power Macintosh computers (running Snow Leopard, OS X)
10 iMac computers with G5 processors (running Snow Leopard, OS X)
1 Scanning station
6 G4 Power Macintosh computers
Dell Power PC computer for testing websites
Terminals for laptop computers








Graphic Design Computer Lab Hours
There are open lab hours for students to work Sunday through Friday when there are no classes in session. Hours
change from semester to semester, depending upon class schedules and availability of Lab Monitors.